04 October 2011

Moving towards going away 'blueshift - redshift'

Moving towards going away 'blueshift - redshift'

The centre of an active galaxy collapsing and expanding into a black hole forever in endless loops
The end of the world is not the end, it just goes on to the next end of the world

A progression of 12 Giclée prints on heather conservation wove board
23.4 x 16.5 in 
  1. What is on the shelf
  2.  Hiding things we like and showing things we don’t
  3. A man comes home to find a shock
  4. Attempt 1 then carrying great mass
  5. New years eve 1853
  6. Angry country part 1 military disease, centre of the black hole
  7. Angry country part 2 the museum is flooded and the bubble man is defeated, the escape plan is at hand
  8.  Leaving a room full of furniture
  9. Conversation on the roof
  10. In the afterlife there are no relations
  11. Looking up and really looking down
  12.  Searching for rusty bits of metal in a swamp


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