27 May 2013

Arbitraire 11

I have a two page comic in the amazing French comics anthology Arbitraire 11. It was released late last year and is beautiful. 160 pages including a collective book of 16 pages in colour, Ophélie Bernaud signed cover and silkscreened in 3 parts. 
It features this bunch of great artists: Julien Nem, Charles Papier, Ophélie Bernaud, Pierre Ferrero, Antoine Marchalot, Vincent Pianina, Geraud, Faye Coral Johnson, Luca, Dan Rhett, Oriane Lassus, Marthès Bathori, Matt Fury, François de Jonge, Kohei Ashino, Capron, Margaux Duseigneur, Benoît Preteseille, Nuvish.
My comic which is titled ULTIMA is also my first French (very Badly google translated) comic about a man who has lost his memory on a beach with his head encased in bricks. Arbitraire 11 is only €13 from here.


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