11 September 2014

Sasso Residency

I recently got back from a residency at Sasso in Vairano, Switzerland called Buongiorno It's Playtime which was ran by Evelyne Laube. Myself, Johanna Benz, Katrin Stangl, Luke Best, Manuel Marsol, Nadine Spengler, Nina Wehrle and Orphea Heutling were given the chance to meet and work together for a week focusing on activities that encourage simple and playful illustration methods. We each gave a workshop / exercise and a small lecture. The international selection of artists was intended to allow new ideas from different regions and give the opportunity for exchange and collaboration. Along with swimming, schnapps and hiking. I learnt a lot and met great new friends. Thanks Evelyne and the Sasso Residency. Check out more photos from the week and see all the other Sasso residences here.


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