12 June 2016

Cracked Egg

Cracked Egg is a mutable response to the copious work of Christopher Joseph Holme (1952 - 2010). Over the past year myself, Aliyah Hussain, Clara Casian and David Wilkinson have been commissioned to work with, and respond to this collection on a residency that can be seen over at the CJH (Christopher Joseph Holme) Blog, which includes photos and videos of the residency as well as the documented CJH paintings. The project will be shown on 17 June 2016 at In Curtain Places HQ, 38 St Peter's Street, Preston PR1 2HE at 5pm. For all the Info about the private view and opening times click here. The work will be on display for the weekend along with the resulting publication titled Cracked Egg, which will be available to browse and purchase along with online content. The event also serves as a further experiment into the methods of display for this work.
Over the course of the weekend David Wilkinson will lead two guided walks that draw on his interest in psychogeography to physically explore the sites that were depicted by, or important to Holme. These include a route that passes that artists' childhood home in the terraces of Plungington, and the repurposed workhouse on Watling Street Road that was once the Sharoe Green Hospital asylum. The second walk takes in the Fishwick area of Preston, where Holme lived during one of his most productive, but also turbulent periods. 
*** The above images are crops from the series of drawings I made for the publication and residency. I will post more about the Cracked Egg publication and residency soon. ***


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