19 July 2016

Cereal Material #1

Buzz blue sky, man with hair on chin, girl laughs, indoor drainpipe, outdoor drainpipe, outdoor drainpipe again. The giant door is slowly closing, I trapped a pencil in bad area. What is it Chewy? Dog wind ride, dog wind ride again, 100 MPH! The giant door is slowly closing. Dusting ceiling, cold water flow, tree trap, shot gun blast - 200 points. Two men staring, its a drive through the snow, moody man I can see you in the mirror. Cold hands, dog statue. The giant door is slowly closing. Not yet. Winker, creepy house, blackbird. Drive 1, drive 2, sad man on a train. Tiny woman in a normal sized room, lizard man, peace sign, water fall, food puke, giant white moth, blasting stones 1, 2 & 3, vacant dog, bed dancing. The giant door is slowly closing. Thumbs up, it hurt, monkey tail, very clever, Robocop. The giant door is slowly closing. Backwards dip, boy in passing, happy dog, sad dog. The giant door is closed, eyes are big, is it?


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